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What we do ? Who are we ?


Job Site Logistics provides consulting & staffing services to the trucking / transport world.  Along with some of the best operators, we offer complete 3rd party analysis of all procedures and processes pertaining to the daily dispatch and maintenance of the fleet. 

"From the Boardroom to the Street"  

Who is our perfect client?


Whether you have tried to grow your two truck operation from the cab of one of those trucks to multiple locations and larger fleets.  We have the staff and knowledge to see the gap processes to increase profitability. 

What's with Texas?


Many companies in Western Canada could benefit from contacts and routes into the USA but are unaware of how or who to contact.  With our many years of contacts and experience we have forged that trail for you.  Let us help you increase revenues with a Texas connection.



We offer driver and operator training.  We will train your new hires on winch or boom operations saving you time and money onboarding new operators. We offer logistic and trip planning for any who feels they need better trip management and increased revenue. We call it finding money along the road and we can explain our LTL theories in 1-2 day seminars. 

Executive Detailing


Big fleets can increase their longevity and performance by having their fleets detailed on a regular basis as part of their maintenance program.  Small owner operators can show pride in their rig when it's detailed and help getting that big contract. Large Car enthusiast can use our services for the next show & shine 

Coming events


Greg Evasiuk is an editor and regular contributor to Pro-Trucker Magazine.  We often sponsor Large Car events and show & shines across Western Canada.


July 6 - 7, 2019

Blackjacks Roadhouse

Nisku, Ab. 

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